WWE Live 2013

The explosive and highly entertaining brand, WWE hit the shores of the UK creating a wave of excitement as it crossed the pond. A huge list of high profile wrestlers made the trip over, including current WWE champion Randy Orton, WWE title contender The Big Show, Big E, The Miz, Gold Dust, and many more.

A massive spectacle of entertainment for all ages, WWE Live was an all around fun family event, with everyone excited to see the impacting line-up of wrestlers. Some of the biggest names in the WWE entertained children and adults alike, and definitely didn’t disappoint.
WWE Live is an experience that will never be forgotten, as there is the feeling that you’re actually the audience like you’ve seen so many times on the TV.

There was slight disappointment with the Match Card, as everyone expected to see Daniel Bryant against Randy Orton but sadly the match that took place was Randy Orton vs The Big Show.

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