World Exclusive : The Woman Who Had A Secret Romance With Michael Jackson

Shana Mangatal has released a  detailed book titled Michael And Me that reveals the man not the superstar he was. Street Cred Magazine caught up with her to get the inside story.

As Michael’s receptionist who landed her dreamjob became his closest friend now shares their life in her own words in her newly published book titled Michael and Me.
The relationship went on for years, and now Shana wants you to know the side that Michael wouldn’t show. All is revealed in detail in her first book that has got the world talking

MD: Hi Shana just want to say thanks for this important interview. I see that you was Michaels Ex-Girlfriend and you are releasing a book about your time together. Why do you think it is important to do this?
SM: Now, more than ever, there are so many crazy and untrue stories about Michael. His legacy doesn’t deserve to be tarnished like this.
It seems like he’s becoming almost mythical, as if he was never a real human being. It’s important that his fans and the public see him as he really was..a normal man, who was NOT “Wacko Jacko”, but a kind and loving guy who was not crazy or weird.
My book will show him in a different light, from my perspective…a girl who fell in love with him.

Read the full interview in the September edition of Street Cred Magazine!


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