White Dee’s Column – July

Hey Guys and Gals!

Well im still hanging on in there and still trying to get used to all this hustle and bustle that’s surrounding me and the family, not too sure if I ever will though – but I’m gonna surf this wave and see where it takes me.


Had a great day on Sunday at Planet Ice Coventry, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Charity – oh my days, haven’t been ice skating since I was about 14 years old and really didn’t hold much hope that I would actually stay standing upright – but I did, yay me.  

Took Gerrard with me and for someone who has never been ice skating in his life, he took off like an Olympic speed skater.

Met some amazing people, we took part in an ice skating lesson, met some of the characters from Disney’s Frozen and above all made some well needed money for such a good cause.

On another completely different end of the scale, I was invited to France to cook for a 80th Birthday party in a little bistro, called Chez Maebro in a small very beautiful village.  

A lot has been said about me and my friends and a lot of people presume we live on take outs and junk food, not in my house.  

My kids have been brought up on fresh fruit and veg since they were babies, and thats mainly thanks to daddy dearest and his 4 allotments.  One take out a week at a push for my gang.


Check out the full column in the June 27th edition of Street Cred Magazine.

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