White Dee’s Column – August

It’s that time of the month again – time for me to chat away a year older than the last time I did my column, happy birthday to me 🙂 and to hope you still find the time to read my column.

Well what’s happened this month that you may or may not find interesting – every mothers nightmare – yep its prom time. 


As the mom to 16 year old Caitlin I just knew it wasn’t going to be straightforward haha! Dress, hair, nails, make up, transport, teenage tantrums and as the kids say it ‘the good old bling’. 

Whoever thought up the idea of bringing prom over to this country? Well it definitely wasn’t me and when i left school, we just left and that was that.

Obviously there are things that can be planned in advance, but the day of the 17th July turned Caitlin into prom zilla haha.

But all things said and done, it went off well, and as beautiful as she looked, it didn’t cost a fortune.  Being a single mom you always want the best in life for your children, the best doesn’t always cost the most.  Caitlin looked like a princess who did go to the ball.

A big big thank you to Maria for doing her hair, Eclipse Hair & Beauty Salon, Dudley Road for the nails, and a special shout out to Tyson Leon, Leon Security Group for providing the transport and the personal escort in the form of Dan-Dan, as a person born and bred in Birmingham, I understand how we need to support our local business and try to get them the recognition they deserve.

After the stressful planning and hoping that it would be a night Caitlin would never forget the look on her face was totally priceless, and the constant crying done by myself at the transformation into a stunning young lady was worth it.  Bring on her wedding day haha. 

Finally a great big congratulations to the DRUM for an amazing Simmer Down festival which took place last in Handsworth Park.  

The festival highlighted loads of homegrown Birmingham talent, past and present, I wasn’t feeling very well so could only stay for a couple of hours, but the feedback has been fantastic.

Musical Youth, Apache Indian, Diego Flex, some of the cutest dancers you have ever seen, and the legends that are Steel Pulse, played, sang and interacted with a crowd estimated at about 20,000.  

Stalls for all occasions, plenty of food, good atmosphere, once again fantastic security (Leon security group erm 2 mentions in 1 column!) and the event in true Birmingham style went trouble free, people came from all parts of the country to attend.

Its at times like these that i can honestly say – IM PROUD TO BE FROM BIRMINGHAM.  

Thanks to everyone who took part in celebrating the DRUM’s 20th Anniversary – heres to many many more.

So once more I say ‘bye for now’ and see you next month (or will I??)

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