View My Gig Live Wolverhampton

VMG is hosting a live concert In full support of The Teenage Cancer Trust, Wolverhampton Civic Slade Rooms, Sunday 2nd March 2014. 2pm until 5pm.

ViewMyGig was created in January 2013 by music lover Adam Cornes who is also known as Mr VMG. Over the last 5 years Adam spent hours of his spare time searching for unsigned artists on YouTube and he quickly built up a large personal catalogue of his favourites.

He decided to share his finds with whoever cared to listen and the ViewMyGig brand was subsequently born.
Adam started off with a simple wordpress blog which featured a selection of unsigned artists and he published his material on-line.

Even he didn’t expect the attention VMG got and within a matter of a few weeks he racked up thousands of hits on his site in over 150 Country’s worldwide. He would joke with his Wife that the only continent VMG hadn’t reached was Antarctica, but that still hasn’t stopped him trying.

Read the full article in the February edition of Street Cred Magazine.


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