Top Gear Live 2012

For four days from the 25th October, Clarkson, May and Hammond brought their hit motoring show Top Gear to Birminghams NEC.
The event was split into two parts, the “tyre-kicking” motor show most people would be expecting, showcasing some of the biggest brands, and most expensive and luxurious cars money can buy in the main hall, alongside an arena show of epic proportions filled with the kind of mayhem we’ve all come to expect from the TV show.

There were a large number of european supercars on show, ranging from the Lamborghini Aventador to the Bugatti Veyron and the Ferrari Enzo, however the most crowded section of the hall had to be the 6 car display put out by the British luxury sports car makers, Aston Martin.
Alongside the standard road cars, as far as “standard” can be used for an Aston Martin, and 2 of their professional racing cars, Aston Martin also displayed the jewel of their range – the 220mph One-77 (top right picture). One of only 77 units in the world, this 7.3L V12 supercar was constantly surrounded by members of the public, and it is easy to see why.
Alongside the displays, there were manufacturers of everything you can think of when talking about cars. Tracking systems, stain removers, accessories and car care products were amongst the many items available from the stalls.
For a small fee you could try the simulators, driving around the Top Gear test track with The Stig, as well as a lap from the cockpit of a Formula  1 racing car driven by Michael Schumacher.

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