Thriller Live Mark Dwayne review

Being the biggest Michael Jackson fan I really wasn’t sure of what to expect, I mean come on you want to do take off  the biggest entertainer of all time, the man that had sky rocket talent and had million dollar budget videos.
Oh my god, the pressure, but these guys did him proud. The visuals were very impressive and the shocking thing was seeing them do the famous Smooth Criminal lean as you can see pictured.
As a kid that was like the most amazing thing to see. The singers and dancers really captured all the iconic moments of MJ. Singing songs from Off The Wall, Thriller Dangerous and even the early Jackson 5 tunes.
All of the  songs were strong but Smooth Criminal and Dirty Diana were outstanding for me.
If you are an MJ fan you will absolutely love this and if your’re critical like me you will be pleasantly surprised as it’s a very big production and will have you on your feet.