‘The Project’ Castings

‘The Project’ is a brand new reality TV show produced for Pinewood Studios with a view of city life for groups of ambitious friends in the midlands area with guest appearances from friends and celebrities throughout the UK & follows the dreams, journeys and day to lives of the best characters in the midlands area.

The show will be similar to TOWIE and Geordie Shore and is aimed at an ITV2 post watershed audience and will feature road trips, clubbing life, holidays and big events from people from the local surrounding areas.

We are looking for all the most iconic looking people with prolific personalities, we will be looking for a variety of different characters with contrasting personalities, this will be based on various ambitious people who are all friends who talk about their goals and allow us to follow them achieving and living out these goals with us.

The show will be following the best 40 leading characters chosen as they set themselves big goals for the future and we will be partying along the way as we all work as a team to help make these dreams happen.

As well as the main character roles there will be an additional 20 sub characters for the first series and new characters can be constantly added along the way.  Also we will be looking for TV extras to be in scenes and a huge load of characters to be in the TV pilot & background TV cast extras in filming scenes & partying scenes.

Whether you would like a main character role, a non-speaking role, a TV extra role , team member role or just come along and join in the partying with us at some of our events, remember to show your interest by liking and sharing and inviting friends to like this page to show your support and your interest to be involved.

It would be a huge advantage if you have a lot of friends like yourself who believe in your goals and also enjoy meeting up with you regularly as this would make shooting scenes easier.  We need everyone to be humble people with patience, we will be choosing people who have a really positive outlook on life and their dreams who believe in the power of teamwork , networking and goal setting , who take responsibility for their future & know there future lies in their own hands.

There will be a selection process for the 40 leading cast members & 20 support characters so for these roles its more important you have a good story to tell and to show you have patience, good character and make a good team member who gets on and wants to help the team.

As we enter the selection process any signs of arrogance, aggression or not getting on with team or cast members intentionally will lead to dismissal from the team as this is not acceptable in any form of conduct and disrupts the team building process.

We want to grow our team of strong successful people to work & party together & help each other reach our goals so being a team player is a big attribute required. There is a big opportunity here to not only be in a popular show but also for the best candidates there will be the opportunity to have their own TV show in the future.

We will be setting events for filming in the next month & filming will begin shortly with some scenes daytime and weekends and some scenes at clubs of an evening so whatever your schedule there will be opportunities to do this around your work or your studying and for the right people we will be able to come visit you to film and promote what your doing.

If you feel you love your city then share this page and invite your friends to like us too, if you have a group of friends like you who share your ambitions & dreams for future then get them involved too and join us.

Like this page and invite as many friends as you can to join us before the deadline when we close down this page to begin auditions & filming. We ensure all pro-active members who are involved will be offered roles, some in the cast , some in the team & the best candidates will be given the opportunity to build a TV career.

We look forward to meeting you at the auditions.

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