The Legend, The Icon, The Man – Ian Wright Interview

Footballer, pundit, celebrity and all-around nice guy Ian Wright talks with Mark Dwayne about his life.

Yes Ian how you doing mate still looking fresh I see what’s the secret?
Having a young wife, and living life as it’s meant to be lived. Laughing !
I told my mates I am interviewing Ian Wright and my female ones in particular went nuts. Some still have your posters on their wall. Did you ever think that you would be the sex symbol you are today?
No…. I do not believe that, my mum always said I was the ugly one.
90’s was a great era for many things and that was when Ian Wright shot into superstardom as an A class player. Most people I would say know you as an Arsenal man more so than West Ham and Crystal Palace. Could you say who you enjoyed playing for most?
Has to be Arsenal, because of all that was achieved there.
What has been the most emotional experience for you in your career in  terms of achievement?
Taking the England number 9 shirt of the peg in the dressing room and knowing I had the privilege of partnering Gary Lineker up front.
The teams you played for, were they who you supported growing up?
No I supported Millwall as a kid, and I am sure people know Arsenal are my team.

I say you, out of all the football players we have seen in England has the best personality by far and truly a role model to young aspiring players or even people who want to be in the entertainment business. Would you say your personality has made you stand out more, as I do not know many that have gone from football to having their own chat shows. That’s so legendary.
Absolutely, it is what it is!

How did you get your first big break? I know you made it quite late as a footballer
Peter Prentice (who has sadly passed away) scouted me for Palace while I was playing Sunday morning football.

For the full interview, check out Septembers Street Cred Magazine!


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