The Candy Closet

Whether you are young or old, nothing quite beats shopping in your favourite fashion store, or, indeed, candy factory.
And now, in Birmingham, there’s the ultimate dream; to shop in a sea of fantastically gorgeous sweets, fashion accessories and scents-all customised to your delight.

In Acocks Green Village, in the south of the city, Candy Closet is a sweet shop that encourages shoppers to linger while the sugar rush kicks in.
This small, quaint store brings a flavour of decadence with all sorts of fizz-bang wallops, dib-dabs and jazzles in glass jars.
Run and staffed by its creative owner, Nicola Hadrami, she’s more than happy to chat about old favourites such as cola cubes, sherbet-dips, chocolate fudge and the likes. All specially made and prepared to your individual delights. It’s the ideal custom sweet shop…with a twist.

Get the full low down on The Candy Closet in the February edition of Street Cred Magazine


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