That Kiss – Jay Z and Beyonce

The moment Jay Z kissed Beyonce on her lips in front of millions of viewers – What the hell got into him?  Jay rarely shows affection for anything but himself usually.  Looks like the super couple  are desperately trying to prove that their relationship is solid but our body language experts say there is something clearly wrong in their marriage and a lot of hidden secrets.

The worst thing is they both play the game too much of letting people think there are problems when not then it turns on them.
But hey we could be wrong and must be said what an emotional moment at the MTV VMA’s when Beyonce’s husband Jay Z presented her with the best living entertainer award by Michael Jackson.
If they really wanted to prove that Jay Z is besotted then it would have been great for Jay to say I love this women and proud to present my beautiful wife with this award’
Now that’s the normal thing, but maybe Jay would see that as being corny but when you’re in love you don’t care.
Anyway we will always speculate on this relationship, not that we are looking for tragedy.

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