Benjamin Bell formally known by his stage name ‘BNG’ is a unique style of artist; he doesn’t categorize himself into a specific genre of music. He’s always had a passion within the music industry from a young age having major influences to look up to within the music industry as his father, Dennis Bell, was a professional singer which inspired him to follow in his father’s footsteps.

      Compared to other artists at the moment who don’t express emotion and feeling in music quite as well, Benjamin is different because he tries to focus on the female audience. Not because he wants female attention but because he feels they would relate to the lyrics he writes and sings about more so than males.
      He has had many achievements within his career already having been able to perform with a live band for live shows in venues such as the 02 academy to Oceana Birmingham. Regarding advice he would give to others in his position right now attempting to break into the music industry he said “I would say if you’re a song writer and you’re afraid of what people may think of it then show it to someone that’ll give you critical feedback honestly”.  
      Many people inspire him to succeed within the music industry. “Newton Faulkner genuinely inspires me for the exact reason he’s a genuine guy, he came from nothing into something in his own way”. This is vital because they inspire you musically and you can blend these to create your own unique style.
      ‘Sleepless Nights’ is a single that I would recommend listening to. Not many artists can captivate emotions like Benjamin does. He has a unique aspect about him and exudes talent. He’s got talent and is most definitely ready to break the music industry.

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