Strictly Come Dancing Live

When the curtain is raised on the night of a live performance, so is the bar. Years of preparation and an unrivalled dedication were showcased to an expectant audience. The greatest dancers hailing from all corners of the globe are witnessed, in awe, by eyes fixed on the beautifully elegant females and the physical strength and prowess of the males.


With all that in mind, it was little surprise that when Strictly Come Dancing kicked off their tenth live tour in Birmingham, Mark Benton received the biggest cheer! Now in its tenth year, strictly’s unrivalled success has grasped the hearts of an audience, who have ensured the Ballroom buoyancy has now surely become a global phenomenon.

Up for yet another National Television Award, the BBC’s show stopper isn’t showing any signs of taking its foot off the pedal; The Phoenix was ever present to witness the tour’s opening extravaganza. First arrived the dancers, dressed to impress and with moves that befit the name Jagger, their tireless energy shone through.

True to the television series, then came the presenter Lisa Reilly; last year’s dark horse and family favourite. Reilly was keen to boast her joy at being invited back this year to present. “It really is wonderful to be here Birmingham, and I just know we have a show for you!” Then, just before the contestants themselves, the judges!

See the full feature in the January edition of Street Cred Magazine!


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