Stephen – An Inspiration to us all

19-year-old Stephen Sutton died in his sleep after fighting terminal cancer for four years.

His fighting spirit helped him leave behind a legacy that will help teenagers in similar situations for a very long time.

He composed a bucket list with 46 items on it and began working to accomplish his final goal, which was to raise £10,000 in donations to give to the Teenage Cancer Trust. To date, this goal has not only been reached, but has been vastly exceeded, to the tune of £3.2 million.

Stephen’s list included many other adventurous goals as well. He wanted to go skydiving, he wanted a tattoo and to play drums in front a large group of people. He plugged away at each item while undergoing seven major surgeries and four rounds of chemotherapy and radiation in just three short years.

A spokesperson from the Teenage Cancer Trust said that Stephen’s donation is the biggest they have ever received and will use the funds to provide support to teenagers fighting cancer across the country.

Stephen left a message on Facebook which read; “Thank you from me, and also thank you from every young cancer patient in the future who will benefit invaluably from the money raised.”

The news of his death spread quickly throughout social media, leading to a rush of donations via his Just Giving site and forcing the page to crash temporarily.

He died on Thursday morning.

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