Stellé Audio Pillar

Stellé Audio – maybe not the most well known of technology brands, at least yet, but the £300 price tag attached to their Pillar speaker seems rather hefty.
Can the sleek sophisticated design of the Pillar, and the quality of the audio it produces be enough to warrant such a high price?
The Pillar comes in a variety of colours, including brushed aluminium, matte black, bronze and gloss white, and after unpacking it from the lovely packaging it arrives in, immediately makes an impact.

While it may be touted as a portable device, standing 30cm tall, by 11cm wide, this cylindrical beast is a rather imposing speaker.
With the on/off switch oddly placed at back and bottom of the speaker, next to the connectivity ports for a 3.5mm jack, power port, and a USB port which can charge any USB powered device as long as the Pillar is plugged into the mains power, the only other buttons are placed on the top of the device.
These include Bluetooth pairing and speakerphone buttons, alongside volume controls. Connecting via Bluetooth to the Pillar is easy, with a female voice greeting you when you turn on the Pillar and guiding you through the pairing process with a hint of an Australian accent.
Find the Pillar in your Bluetooth list on your device, connect and you’re away.
What an away it is too. If the design alone wasn’t enough to warrant the price tag of the Pillar, you surely won’t be upset when you finally hear it. Packing two 1.5” drivers angled out of the top, and a 3” downward firing speaker which is vented out of the bottom of the Pillar, the sounds that are produced are rich and warm.
Handling everything from classical to rock, pop and metal and everything else inbetween, the quality and volume of the Pillar is amazing.
The only slight gripe I have with the system is that due to the nature of the design of the Pillar, there is little to no stereo experience, but for a device that packs quite a punch both in design and audio quality, it’s something we can look past, even at the £300 price point.
Definitely worth a look if you’re after a stylish and impressive “portable” speaker.

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