SteelSeries Wireless H

Wireless, the final frontier… or something like that. While it’s true that gaming headsets, especially top of the line offerings like the SteelSeries Wireless H, and last months wired 9H headsets, don’t come cheap, can you, and should you justify the £260 price tag placed on this sleek behemoth of a headset?
Some may say that the not one, but two, 20-hour batteries that come with the Wireless H is overkill, but the ability to charge one in the transmitter, whilst using the other in the headset ensures that you will never get cut off completely during a gaming session.


Comfortable isn’t the word for this headset, as it is light enough to wear easily for many hours at a time, with leather earcups and leather padded sections on the headband, accented with orange to offset the general black design.
The microphone, like it’s baby brother, is retractable back into the headset until only a few millimetres are exposed. A gentle pull will extend it out and round in front of your mouth for easy communication, and is clear and loud enough to get your message across during frantic exchanges.
On the bottom of the right earcup, there is a dual purpose button. A long hold turns the headset on or off, and a light tap will mute the microphone. At the top, a scroll wheel controls the volume, but can also be used to control the transmitter, via it’s beautiful and bright OLED screen.
With connections for Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, and PC/Mac, the transmitter is a feat to behold. Using the cables provided, you can hook up your Wireless H to all of these with relative ease, and be gaming away in no time, although with Xbox One not supporting third-party headsets, you can’t use the microphone. Supporting Dolby 5.1 on consoles and up to 7.1 on PC/Mac, the Wireless H provides clear, crisp audio, as you would expect with such a premium price tag. Films, games, and music are all just as beautiful to listen through the headset, with a deep, immersive and rich sound.
The price tags on these headsets are by no means a small investment, but if you are in a position to make such an investment, and especially if you like the idea of being free from wires, you’ll be making a sound purchase with the SteelSeries Wireless H Headset. – DR

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