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Our spotlight this month is Yungen, check out the interview to find out more about him.


What made you want to pursue a career within the music Industry?
Well when I first put out a few videos and most importantly my SBTV freestyle I saw that one was getting a buzz and getting a lot of fans from it so I thought “yo, this thing can actually happen!” so I started taking it more seriously, started putting together like mixtapes, more videos and stuff so when I started connecting with fans it was when I thought yeah I can take it seriously

Who inspires you in to create the music you create?
It’s like the people around me, life experiences like I’m really close with Krept Konan and stuff so seeing them doing well and seeing the things they’re going through helped me through things makes me feel like yo I can get further in this thing as I see them getting bigger I just seem to think yeah I can do this.
It’s like the more people close to me because whenever you see a superstar like the Jay Z’s, or Drake and stuff it’s like everyone wants to be like them do you get what I mean? But it’s like obviously I wanna be like Jay Z and Drake and stuff but it’s that people around me push me more. Even the likes of Sneakbo as well.

With all the musicians world-wide, who would you like to create music with?
I would love to collaborate with Adele and Ed Sheeran like it would have to be a singer because I am a rapper it’s like I wanna touch on another side of things like an emotional side so yeah Adele or Ed Sheeran definitely.

If you had a movie based around your life what movie star would you like to play you?
My favourite actor is Will Smith I feel he gets the best emotion out of somebody even if it’s being funny, being sad
Liam: – To be honest that’ll be a really good film watching Will smith creating a hood video ha.
Yungen: – Yeah it would aha it would be jokes. Na but definitely though Will Smith.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?
Probably performing at wireless festival I came out on Krept Konan set at wireless that was definitely a feeling I thought like this is unreal it’s like a dream do you get what I mean? Like it was amazing! Seeing so much people going crazy for you yeah that’s probably definitely my biggest moment so far

Check out the rest of the interview in the August Street Cred Magazine.


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