We met up with up and coming urban artist:Deci4life to catch up with him and also find our what he has been doing.Check out the interview by reading more.


Tell me some background information on you as a artist?

My name is deci4life been doing music in Birmingham about 10 years now. I’m a producer I make EDM, Trap music and all the other urban genres I do lyricism, spoken word poetry, I spit to grime, hip-hop. I’m always involved in theatre I was a part of Decipher collective first grime production theatre crew. I’m just in Birmingham working with different artists and working on different projects just doing my thing.

What makes you different to the other established artists out there at the moment?

Well you know what energy and hype you get me?  A lot of mc’s, you can go on stage you can tell a story, you can spit a tune about love. I’m more about energy and hype I don’t think there’s a lot of that, I used to love Heartless Crew because when you went it was all about energy it was all about what you was seeing on stage and what you was hearing. That’s what difference’s with a lot of different artists there’s a lot of energy and hype. I used a lot of theatre techniques on stage I like to interact with my audience I like to act out you know what I mean? So, yeah that’s it just real hype expression.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

There’s a few you know, there’s being apart of the Decipher Collective which was the first grime theatre group, we put on a grime theatre show that went on tour absolutely sold out it was absolutely amazing. I recently performed in Wembley on the same stage as Wretch 32, Devlin, Angel a few other big artists. That was amazing, Shelled it absolutely shut the place down you get me? I did a tune with Trilla he did a video with GrimeDaily and it got like 50 thousand views it’s probably about 60 thousand now that was the first I was involved with something like that. Yeah man it just keeps happening more and more things happening everyday.

What advice would you give to someone in your position trying to make it into the music industry?

Listen yeah, work hard grind hard everyone these days can be a musician, anyone can be a camera man, anyone can be a model now, because of the internet and everything we have it makes everything so accessible so if you want to stand out you have to work hard you’ve got to be prepared to put in years worth of grind with no rewards that’s what it’s about so to make it in these creative industry

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