Spotlight – Benjamin Blake


We met up with singer Benjamin Blake has he rises through the ranks of the music industry.


Firstly tell me some background information on you as an artist?

Well I do 98% of things on my own! A lot of people see that I do the shows I do and hear the type of tracks that I make and assume that I have a manager (or even a team)  helping me. Most of it is just pure hard work and then helpfrom my friends and fans. I used to volunteer at One.Aim Studio’s in Hockley and they helped me massively   in the beginning and basically allowed me to develop my self into  who I am now and I entered Aspire4U’s Project Talent UK and came runner up in 2011; working with them is a blessing too as they have also helped me progress.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

Performing at the Drake concert at the Birmingham LG Arena both nights! It was immense! At that point it was themost people that I’ve performed to in England! I got so much feedback/ love/positive criticism/attentionyou name it. My Twitter followers went nuts, mentions made my phone freeze. Still to this day  its the best atmosphere I’ve ever performed in.

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