Songbird – Weblox Ft Siobhan

From the first few seconds of listening to ‘Songbird’ you know that you are about to be taken into a world of musical Bliss.

You can truly feel a sweet sensation when you listen to the gentle angelic vocals of young rising songstress Siobhan which are accompanied by beautiful Reggae sounds and classic violin build ups .

Song bird represents love, harmony , safety, honesty and all that is pure comes out in this incredible recording artist. This is an escape and really an appreciation of well written melodies.

Even if you are not aware of Siobhan from X Factor or the Voice, when listening to her track Songbird for the first time her vocal tones make you feel a bond and form an instant personal relationship.  

I am constantly singing along with this vibe and have added this into my Street Cred playlist of classics. A vibe you can sing along too with your eyes closed and really become captured into the vocals and amazing production by Weblox.

Get ready to feel free , smile and enjoy a well written masterpiece that deserves to reach dazzling heights

-Mark Dwayne

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