Shoes Glorious Shoes

So many types – hi-heeled, kitten heeled, stillettos, flats, pumps, ankle, calf and thigh length boots, espadrills, court shoes, wedge, sandals, flip flops, open toe, peep toe, I could go on for a long while…but I won’t!
Us ladies, we love our shoes, the variety, the styles and pattern we just love ‘em.

Apart from stating the obvious, that they protect our feet from the ground, depending on the type of footwear they are they  can inject a level of confidence in your swagger allowing you to walk like a BOSS and makes your calves look HOTTT!
Is that pretence…Fake..A Front?
When we wear heels not only we shoot up in height but we also appear slimmer, our legs look longer and automatically our walk changes…2 reasons why!
1. TO LOOK GOOD, we walk good to look good, sexy and appealing. Tummy goes in, shoulders go  back to enhance the chest, back straight and legs go nicely in front of each other its almost like scene from transformers!
2, TO LOOK SENSIBLE, we walk right to stay upright! We don’t want gravity to win and pull us down to earth! No, no we carefully observe the surroundings taking a mental log of risen pavements, stones and sticks in the ground and animal waste!
Sometimes when we wear flat shoes we become flat too! Dumpy and Slouchy the cousins of the seven dwarfs from Goldilocks and the three bears.
WHY? Even if we simulate wearing heels and raise up to the tips of our toes we instantly fix-up and the posture is modelesque!
Pretence is a rather strong word I think but, ladies and gents, lets keep it real, we like to look nice! Ashamedly enough some of us are willing to forfeit comfort over vanity!
That’s cool but I will state ‘What goes up must come down! Easy come and easy go!’

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