Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox

For fans of current chart hits and older styles of music alike, the arrival of Postmodern Jukebox at The Institute on the 16th June was a welcome change of pace.

The 11 strong band brought their mix of 1940’s charm with gusto, and after starting by asking everyone to get into the swing of the era, by not using their mobile phones or cameras, and just to enjoy the moment, they kicked it off with a bang. 


With Drue Davis as the Master of Ceremonies, after the first of a number of comical “short messages from our sponsor”, introduced the sublime Robyn Adele Anderson to perform a number of songs, including Thrift Shop, Don’t You Worry Child and Die Young.

Ashley Stroud then took to the stage, belting out Dark Horse and Fancy, along with a dual tap dance solo with Alex MacDonald, who had tapped along to Die Young previously.

After an amazing instrumental take on the Game of Thrones theme song by the band, Robyn returned with Gentlemen, Talk Dirty and Just Dance.

Taking her place on stage after Robyn was the supremely talented Christina Gatti, performing renditions of Sweater Weather and the Beyoncé herself endorsed version of Drunk In Love.

Check out the full article in the June 27th edition of Street Cred Magazine.

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