Rohan Marley talks coffee!

Over a cup of rich, smooth coffee, Rohan Marley and Street Cred’s Steve Williams talk…well, coffee!

Legendary singer, Bob Marley was originally a farmer and now, his son, Rohan, is reliving that aspect of his father’s life with the launch of Marley Coffee which is kicking up a storm.

Inspired by his religious beliefs, Rastafarian, Rohan uses the finest beans from around the world. These are grown organically in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee region with the highest level in ethical practice –  using beans sourced from around the world including: Ethiopia, Indonesia, South America and Central America.

“Ethiopia is the birth of coffee and the birth of Rastafari so this is a spiritual thing for me,” says the visionary with a passion that is hard to surpass.
Jamaican-born Marley, who moved from Jamaica to America when he was 12, is using coffee as a vehicle to eventually retail it worldwide. “This is not a Jamaican coffee company,” he says, “It’s an international coffee company.”

Fast-growing Marley Coffee is a dream for Rohan that began in 1999 when he found and bought the 52 acres of land on the island – a world famous coffee-producing region. He then founded his own brand in 2007.

Once he was certified to produce coffee, Rohan was able to put into practice both his religious and business ethics to create some of the richest tasting, smooth brewed coffee that has come out of Jamaica for some time.

For the full interview, check out the September Edition of Street Cred Magazine.



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