Birthname: Matthew Paul Miller
Nationality: American
Born: Jun 30 1979 (33 years old)

Matthew Paul Miller, known by his Hebrew stage name Matisyahu which means ‘the gift of god’ is a unique artist that blends Reggae, Reggae Fusion, Alternative rock, and alternative hip hop within all of his music.  Matisyahu was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania and brought up a reconstructionist Jew, attending a Hebrew school at Bem am shalom, a synagogue in White Plains.

Formally known for blending traditional Jewish themes with reggae, rock and hip hop beat boxing sounds, in April of 2005 a fresh voice announced his arrival on the international stage with a stunningly inventive document titled Live at Stubb’s. Six years later, Matisyahu returns to the renowned Austin venue that helped to launch his career with Live at Stubb’s Vol. II, a new CD-DVD package that demonstrates the continued originality and increasing depth of this long time New Yorker’s craft.
You always get different reactions when people hear his music and they tend to be shocked when they realise he is a Jewish man creating and performing reggae music. A Jewish reggae artist sounds absurd and never to be heard of within the music industry. Sparks seeker is his latest album which charted at number 1 in the united stated reggae charts.
It’s an incredible album anyone that is already a fan of his work would already understand the passion he holds within his music. The essential tracks to looks out for on the album “Crossroads” & “I Believe in love”
Matisyahu has been nominated for 3 awards over the space of time, two being a music video award from the MTV awards and he also got nominated for a Grammy award.
It’s a huge achievement considering he’s a artist who no one would have considered to be a reggae artist yet getting nominated for awards for his music that’s created.

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