Reggae Or Not : Snoop Lion

Snoop isn’t Snoop Dogg anymore he’s Snoop Lion, after changing his name he’s no longer an urban rap artist but a reggae artist. To be perfectly honest I’ve always loved snoop’s relaxed approach towards the music industry but believe it or not he’s created a full reggae album.

It’s gained incredible reviews and everyone state it’s a new sound that feels and sounds amazing.  So we will no longer be hearing Snoop climbing into our charts with titles such as drop it like it’s hot.

It’s such a great album,  his 12th album as an artist but his first album as Lion. His new album Reincarnated sees a complete new sight for the artist. It was a slight surprise as not many artists are able to successful change their genre so easily especially with changing their name and still gaining success. He’s an influential artist and such a talented nature, and a new image for the Snoop appeal. 

Rumors has it, when snoop goes on tour he always stated he would have loved to appear on Coronation Street. Yep,  you did read correctly, he wants to appear in Corrie and purchase a Betty’s Hotpot. 

In the Reggae Billboard charts his latest album reached number one, so without a question of doubt it’s amazing and mind-blowing album.  Listening to the album it’s a unique sound and a different style to what you would have expected from Snoop.


For the full story, check the September edition of Street Cred Magazine.


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