I went to see Wreck It Ralph incredibly excited about what was in store for me. The entire premise of the film involving old classic video game characters was a real incentive for me to see it and the trailer enticed me further with Ralph, Sonic, Bowser from Mario and Pac Man ghosts all appearing.

Also with many likening it to Toy Story, one of the all-time best cartoons from my youth, I had very high expectations. You can probably sense already by this point in the review that I was a little disappointed in what I saw.
Wreck-It Ralph is a good film, very good at times, but I felt it didn’t quite live up to the expectations placed onto it. For starters all the classic characters I mentioned are in the film for a very short space of time and in some cases merely a token effort but the lesser known other characters involved are very strong and carry the film perfectly regardless.
This is probably a good thing because it has no risks of portraying the mascot characters of classic games badly but if their inclusion is something exciting you then you may be a little disappointed.
The story itself is a great tale of a bad guy wanting to be good, meeting people along the way, creating friendships and is a story capable of being enjoyed by children and adults alike.
It’s one of those stories that has a fantastic beginning and a great ending but the middle gets a little lost and diluted to the point you do find yourself a little disinterested at times. It is a good film, and definitely worth a watch for anyone after a decent film to watch, but if you’re expecting a slick Pixar classic, Walt Disney Animations just isn’t quite at that stage yet.  

Tom Cotter
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