Peter Pan – The Neverending Story

The magic of Neverland came to the NIA in Birmingham this month for 3 nights of wonderous delights.
The multinational cast brought the story of Peter Pan to life in front of thousands, utilising cutting edge special effects and a brilliantly designed stage to great effect.

For the UK leg of the tour, Stacey Solomon plays the narrator, Tinkerbell, who remains unseen for the majority of the production, although her unveiling and performance of Westlife’s “You Raise Me Up” is well worth the wait.
Sandor Sturbl as Peter, and Lilly-Jane Young as Wendy put in stunning vocal and physical performances, both on the ground and in the air.
Touted as the first time Peter Pan flies without wires or a harness, this incredible feat is achieved with the help of a wind turbine that is built into the set. Riding on a high-speed jet of air, Peter performs a series of backflips and somersaults as he rises up to 10 metres above the stage.


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