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Paramore have never been more optimistic. It’s rare for a band so torn from what they were to return with such a fantastic, let alone upbeat, album such as their brand new self-titled offering ‘Paramore’…

Although two of their founding members in the form of brothers Zac and Josh Farro departed the band back in 2010 the familiar faces of Jeremy Davis on the bass and Taylor York on guitar remain let alone their long-standing ever present singer Hayley Williams. It was a decision for the remaining trio whether to end their journey together or to carry on when their associates decided to quit, but their decision to soldier on is being proven to be the best choice they could have possibly made.

For me Paramore have been an institution of my youth. Right back in 2005 as a 14 year old listening to their debut album ‘All We Know Is Falling’ my eyes were opened as a young guitarist to modern alternative rock with tracks like ‘Emergency’ remaining one of my favourite ever tracks to this day. Of course my love for the group was helped by them having an incredibly attractive female lead singer which myself and all my friends decided would most definitely be the woman to marry once we were older. Sadly this still hasn’t come to action yet. Having Hayley at the front of the band made them unique at the time and something very special. It’s interesting to read that the male members of the band were ‘edgy’ about her fronting the band in their formation although I’m sure now they are pleased they agreed to let her (unless you’re the Farro brothers perhaps).

Two years later they released what is arguably their finest album (although I would give their new album that accolade now) in the form of ‘Riot’ which went platinum in 2008. This along with the third album ‘Brand New Eyes’ are the albums which held the songs that took them to a new level in my eyes namely due to seeing them live on the Brand New Eyes tour. It was also around this time they began to receive more wide spread recognition with the track ‘Decode’ featuring as a lead single for the incredibly popular yet immensely controversial Twilight film which to give it it’s due was the best film in the rather dreadful franchise.

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