Omarion Smashes It!

101 Nightclub famous for its VIP parties with international bartenders hosted its big Omarion show this month and what a glamorous party it was!

This event really brought out the woman looking totally lit! Omarian coming onto the stage with his new beard and hairstyle couldnt look older if he tried. Still that young fresh boy from B2K with the sex appeal and having screaming girls falling to their knees. Some artists have that spark and Omarion is definately an R&B star you could go to see over and over.
Yes he performed the big hits like the Timbaland Produced Ice Box, Im Up and of course Post To Be. Great show by the ‘O’ What was strange though was seeing an rnb star rocking a hardcore Metalica sweater, not something you would expect what was that all about? Good show and big up to 101 Nighclub for again bringing a quality vip party to the city of Birmingham.

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