OlliOlli PC Review

With the recent impressive performances of 2D and 3D 8-bit inspired games across all platforms, it was no surprise that one of the most popular games of the 90’s – the skateboard simulator – has made it’s way to the 8-bit arena.

OlliOlli is a PC port of a PS-Vita game that was first seen at the start of this year, and is being ported to PS3, PS4, Mac OS and Linux in the near future.


As a 2D side scrolling 8-bit skater, OlliOlli is so much more than that one sentence can explain.

The colours, backgrounds, and  level design of this fast paced game really come into their own, never affected by motion blur, and always crisp and interesting. 

Controls are simple on their own, but devilishly difficult to combine together. Ideally played with a controller, with spins separate to grind and grab moves with swings of analogue sticks, you’ll find it relatively easy to combo your way through a level, but to reach those higher scores will take a lot more practice and finger coordination.

Taking a few pages from the infinity runner book, OlliOlli has that instant retry button waiting for the almost inevitable fail and bail, but with the excitement and speed that you fly through the levels once you start properly chaining your moves together into a large combo, you’ll be happy to go back again and again.

Taking the inspiration from Tony Hawks Pro Skater and Skate, chaining combos together through different grinds, the key to winning in OlliOlli is landing your tricks. Perfectly landing every trick is the difference between a tiny score, and a monster score.

Costing £9.99 on Steam at the moment, you’ll quickly find yourself saying “Just one more run” as you see your skater fly across the screen after missing a landing.


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