New to the scene is Michigan’s own LaTroya “Sunshine” Griffith.


The arts and fashion has always been a passion of mine since the young age of four.

I am currently focusing on my music and acting careers.

I have  a hot new single out called “Ain’t Suppose To Be” that can now be purchased on iTunes and all digital platforms. I am currently starring in a new up and coming stage play called “Paw Paw’s House written by award wining playwright Andrew Aikens. This would be my second lead role since 2017.

I am also a brand ambassador model for 2BEU (To Be Unique) clothing line headed by Flints own Tabitha Robinson. Flint is a cultural breeding ground that has been slightly overshadowed by its lead water crisis that began in 2014. The city’s people have been poisoned by its own governor Rick Snyder who has yet to find a solution. He simply just doesn’t care. It is now 2018 and the city is STILL without clean drinking water. The state has recently closed it bottled water pods that assisted many people in need; especially in impoverished communities. Flint continues to fight in the midst of creating. We can’t be stopped and giving up is never an option in my city. Flint is also the home of the great late MC Eric Breed and The Dayton Family. We consider them legends where I am from.

Our music scene is on fire right now! With hot artists such as Curt Green, Velly Beretta, Tiera Santoya, and  Jizzle just to name a few. Although we’re facing a water crisis we’re standing strong the like Flint Stones We are! Welcome to Flint Michigan! #FlintMade #FlintStrong #FlintVsEverybody stay tuned!!