Mr Street Cred – … not.

There’s lookalikes and there’s lookalikes… people used to say John O’Shea, the former Manchester United defender looks like Peter Kay. Ok, there’s a look, but I don’t think the footballer’s Dietician would be too keen on that comparison.

Then there’s Hollywood beauty Marian Cotillard’s meets Chart Topper Katie Perry, both dark haired and very beautiful.

Granted, we can see why those four mentioned may be compared but mostly done as a quip. It may come as a surprise then that Street Cred’s very own lookalike find has been sourced from the VOICE supremo WILL.I.AM, an admirably original looking guy with a flair for the ostentatious.

We present you… Menelik Simpson, a British photographer with a love for music of his own and notably high top footwear. Besides the initial ‘mirror reflection’, Wolverhampton born Mene is on a mission to prove he may have been told he looks like someone, but as Jonathan Maley finds out, he is very much his own person…


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