Mark Dwayne interviews White N3rd

Mark Dwayne interviews the man behind Craig David’s new music.

MD: Just want to say thank you for getting Craig to be himself its what we have all been waiting for. How does it feel knowing that youve had massive input in return of a UK Legend?
WN: It feels amazing tbh. I’m a massive crib fan, like HUGE got all his albums and was a big inspiration to me musically, so to know I’ve had an input in his return is pretty crazy really. If you would of said this 10 yrs ago you’d be working with Craig and have a Top 10 hit I’d be like yeh whatever!

MD: How did you meet Craig David? Is this the first star you have produced?
WN: I met him through Marvin Humes (ex-JLS). I worked with Marvin on a house project called ‘LuvBug’ and he asked Mraig to do a feature, Craig said yes and Marvin phoned me and said you wanna do a sessions with Craig – I was like erm… Yes!
Ive produced for a few ‘stars’ including Wretch32, JLS, Daley, Jessie J, Angel haze, Roll Deep, and Krept & Konan.

MD: Your music production is crazy, when i hear it i can tell its by someone who loves the music and is probably a raver themself. Do you go out much and keep intouch with the scene?
WN: Thanks man. Yeh I DJ and just been so busy in the studio but I’m about to hit the club scene a lot more now with my own ‘White N3rd’ project! So gonna be sick

MD:.Which other artists would you like to ressurect?
WN: I wouldn’t say i resurrected Craig, to me he was just chilling, but I would love to bring back George Michael. I’m a massive fan and his voice is so sick, his vocal could work on anything from RnB to garage to house. Thats someone I’m defo gonna aim to work with, watch this space…

Check out the full article in the September ediiton of Street Cred Magazine

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