Man Of Steel – Preview!

The latest Superhero film to be released sees Zack Snyder rebooting the Superman franchise with the help of the man responsible for arguable the finest superhero franchise in recent years, Christopher Nolan.

Nolan obviously famous for the Dark Knight Batman trilogy steps into a producing role for this film as the two men set up the origin story of Superman in the upcoming Man Of Steel. With an all star cast this particular Superman film sees the titular character being portrayed by an Englishman, the first time it hasn’t been an American, as Henry Cavill dons the cape alongside Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and Russell Crowe as Jor-El Superman’s father, among other well known actors and actresses.
As stated this film plays once again with the origin story of Clark Kent (don’t they all?) and shows how he was adopted as a child by Jonathan and Martha Kent having been transported to earth by his father Jor-El from the dying planet of Krypton, his home world. Raised with the good values of his adoptive parents Clark becomes a journalist but always
struggles to feel like he belongs due to his super human powers and struggles to find his place in life as he travels round to stay hidden. I’m pretty sure everyone knows the story of Superman with their being so many films in the past so I need not go into detail.

This film is different though as the world is attacked by his own people and he is forced to become superman to protect the Earth he has grown to love as well as all it’s people. One interesting fact revealed in the trailer of this film is that famous ‘S’ is actually a symbol that means hope back on his homeland of Krypton, and the name Superman is from the misconception of it being an ‘S’. There is your random Man of Steel fact of today!
Zack Snyder’s previous films have included Watchmen and Sucker Punch which are two films I personally really enjoyed and thought were very fresh. Also on his directing list was 300 which was also a very unique showing of something shown so often in cinema history. One thing all these films had in heaps was impressive editing and special effects giving almost a cartoon feel. This all leads me to get rather excited about what Man of Steel could have in store. Superman Returns? No one will remember that after this.

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