Lotto Boyzz Speak to Street Cred Magazine!

This is the future of pop, Afrobbean is the sound everyone is bopping to! Young people have spoken and bringing the flava representing the streets. We have never seen anything like this coming from the UK, especially Birmingham.

You may have seen these guys on Link Up TV with videos reaching up to millions of views. It is unheard of with underground artists to have such a following and the unique thing with this is its not grime, we have a mix of R&B and Hip Hop with this duo.

The Lotto Boyzz are truly a new breed and are not following in the footsteps of anyone, they are making their own history!

Ash X Lucas are from Aston,   Birmingham who met in a local community centre. So with a name like Lotto one would assume it would be that they stumbled into big cash but what it really means is ‘Last Of The True Ones’.

We spoke to the urban duo who came to the Street Cred Offices to talk about their fans, touring and their new major record deal.

Lotto Boyzz’s huge hit ‘No Don’ is the single that blew up big and it looks like its set to be even bigger as the legendary Chipmunk has jumped on the remix and video.

They are proud to be from Birmingham as you know from their song actually titled ‘Birmingham’ featuring Jaekae, another up and coming Brum MC.

Underground artists usually are not seen, it’s just the tracks that do the talkin, but in this internet era artists have had massive videos, and Lotto Boyzz have been smashing the university scene all over the country, as well as festivals before even being signed.

Dressed absolutely fresh and and chilling in our board room the nicest guys you could ever meet.

The Lotto boyz aged 20 were ready to reveal their champagne rockstar lifestyle that many would only dream of.

If its the women the cars, Bling, you see Lotto.

MD: How I first heard of the Lotto Boyz was I was in the office and No Don came up and I saw guys popping bottles with models and I saw that it was filmed in Birmingham Mailbox and first thing I thought was that you guys were from London. I wanted to be in the video.

Lotto boyz: [laugh] Yes it’s important that we come with quality.

Lucas: We want to solidify the sound and for Lotto Boyz to be really respected for the music.

MD: Who are your fans?

Ash: We get a lot of girls but recently weve had a lot of men push to the front ha!

MD: What was it like touring with JHUS and Mist?

Ash: Definately a good experience for us and eye opener. We also toured with Cardi B and that was heavy as they asked us to do that.
It just goes to show how far we can go.

MD: What was it like working with Chip?

Ash: Chip is legendary and someone who we look up to and it was mad as we saw him sharing No Don on Twitter so when it happened where we got in the sudio and it connected from there.
We knew the chemistry would be as good and it was!
MD: Who have you grown up admiring?

Ash: have to say Michael Jackson and Usher as I just love the impact and tunes like Confessions ah man.

Lucas: For me it has to be 2pac, & Biggie; just what they stood for and the work ethic inspired me.

MD: Who would you love to work with?

Ash: It would have to be Ed Shereen as I just couldn’t believe how lyrical he was.
When he came with the lyrics its too cold for angels to fly I was like wow thats next level!
Also have to do a tune with Drake that would be the goals, them two man there.

MD: You say you got a lot of guys who follow you and I’ve noticed that you have a lot of guys singing your songs which you don’t see much. Same think with Drake, you guys seems to be opening up male emotions!

Ash: Ha ha yeh we just sing lyrics guys can relate to. I mean everyone sometime in their life had been blanked [starts singing the lyrics from No Don] I used to call up Lexie, Alisha and Paige and never get an answer.

Lucas: It’s true every man can relate to that and sing it ha ha!

MD: What makes you guys different to other urban acts?

Ash: You cant be negative when you’re in the room with us, we bring that positivity that makes people smile. When you’re around us you will party!

MD: Do you think there are many artists from Brum that deserve recognition, and if so who?

Ash: Defo got a lot of talent in the city and all we needed is just the eyes. We have the eyes but they are on Sefone, Jaekae and I know everybody wants to hear what Mist is going to come with next.

MD: Was it hard coming up or easy?

Lucas: I defo say it was hard.
We started as Ash x Lucas and no one was feeling us but then we changed our name that was given to us and thats when things started to shift.

MD: I notice you have the bling  in your videos, is it important to have you in the jacuzzi with hot women?

Lucas: Yes it was Ash’s turn this time around, he ‘Facetime Me’!

MD: What was the most memorable festival you have performed at?

Ash: Nearly all of them but Reading festival was mad like 15,000 people singing the songs!

Lucas: For me it was made in Birmingham that festival was live.

Ash: I love performing Birmingham to out of town as you see everyone showing love for our city its mad.


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