Looper Review

The best sci-fi movies aren’t defined by their sci-fi elements. Hover cars, cool guns, time travel and other sci-fi tropes are merely used to put a unique spin and visual style on a story with themes universal to almost any genre. And, if it does that by blowing your mind with some cool stuff?

Then all the better!
Looper is very much in that vein. A time-travelling, sci-fi movie to be sure, ultimately the film features very unexpected, yet welcome, fundamental themes. It almost becomes something that feels out of place in a world of time-travelling assassins and hover bikes which, of course, is exactly the point. This movie hooks you with big action and reels you in for bigger ideas and that’s why Looper is so damn good.
The film’s title, Looper, is also a job title in the near future. 2044 to be exact. At that time, time travel has yet to be invented, but it soon will be, and once that happens it will be criminalized.
In fact, the only people who use it are organized crime bosses who send their enemies back to 2044 to be killed and disposed of by assassins called Loopers. They’re called that because eventually these killers will likely “close their loop” by killing their older self.


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