Latroya Sunshine shows whose Next up from Flint Michigan

Next up is Flint Michigan’s own “1000 Bars”
1000Bars is a Flint, Michigan native and Legend in his city.  He is also known as Thou now!  He is A father of 2, director, artist and a college graduate.  
Thou has been doing music since middle school, and have fell in Love with process of creating.  
He’s been doing music over 15years. He also has series out  called “810 Trap” …810 is Flint Michigan’s area code.
Here’s what he had to say:
“810Trap was created from me wanting to experiment with a new dslr camera I purchased like 8 years ago. 
I figured I wanted to make my own film and thats what i did.  I used people I knew and were close with to do all the acting and I did all the filming and editing.  Thats how 810Trap was created and to this day we have over a milliion views and counting.  We are currently on our third segment of 810trap which is available on our youtube channel right now (FamoverrichesTV).”
He says  everyone should be on the lookout for the 810Trap soundtrack that will be released digitally on iTunes and all digital sites this summer.  Also be on the lookout for Thou’s ep “ALL iN 5”.  He and his team  are also in the process of finalizing another film titled “Wasted”, with NBA sports writer Eric Woodyard. 
They plan to start filming in July 2018.  Please subscribe to FamOverRichesTV channel on YouTube and check him out!  Thank you!