Kim Kardashian launches her new fragrance in London!

It’s like Christmas day all over again! In so far as the fact that this fragrance launch for Kim Kardashian’s latest scent feels massively anti-climatic and also slightly boring.

We were expecting a bit more pomp, a bit more circumstance for the affair which was held at Debenhams in Oxford Street earlier. Instead Kim turned up in a lacy red dress (no cleavage? Oh Kim you disappoint) and posed with the pong in her hands while looking like she could barely be bothered to smile. Afterwards she did a bit of autograph signing for her fans as well.

Maybe we’ve just been spoilt by Katie Price for all these years and we just expect a bit too much from other celebrities but unless they’ve got some muscly men in pants beside them when they launch a product, or perhaps a glittery pony, then we just lose interest.


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