Katy Perry Prismatic Tour

The Prismatic Princess of Pop, Katy Perry, is bringing her second UK #1 album – PRISM – on tour to cities up and down the UK as The Prismatic World Tour, so to inform Street Cred readers as to what to expect from Katy’s tour in the New Year!
On the heels of 2010’s Grammy-nominated Teenage Dream, Katy’s life took a turn down a road of self-reflection in the creation of PRISM, not only creating a compilation of songs that reflect her inner light, but also refract a colourful and mesmerising wave of change in her music and life.

“I did a lot of figuring out who I am and  reconnecting with myself and growing,” she says. “I’ve let a lot of light  in, and through that it’s inspired me to write certain songs that are full of that wonderful positivity.”
Katy’s hometown of Santa Barbara, and the location of the studio in which she wrote Teenage Dream was the setting for most of the albums creation, “I kind of go back to the essence of myself out there.
I get to reconnect  with who I was when I picked up a guitar at 13 and really understood  why I wanted to contribute to the music scene. Music is so powerful and spiritual—it’s  like the sixth sense.


Check out the full feature in the December edition of Street Cred Magazine!



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