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You’re named as the guru celebrity trainer, what celebrities have you previously worked with?

I’m a great believer in, if you have a goal you have to stick to it and if you have a target you have to aim for it. Scott Maslen, James Darcy, Matt Dillon, Jake Wood, Gerard Butler Marti Pellow, Sam Womack, Kara Tointon, Lee Mead, worked with Steps, Chris Tarrant. When the contract finished I was contacted by Marta Pellow, he was great. The Brief from his management was when he was leaving Wet Wet Wet and went into a solo career. He collapsed from exhaustion in a hotel and they recommended me to get him fit. We worked very closely together over a course of months and he taught me about show-buisiness. I decided to offer celebrities an occupational health and fitness service. So I contacted a few agents and basically said I am the go to guy for your celebs, I’m familiar with the challenges that show-buisiness can bring. I don’t go starry eyed when I meet these people I’m there to do a job. When you go behind the scenes you are just one of the team. Nobody takes any notice of Gerard when we’re walking around backstage, it’s only in the public when you get notice.

What’s been your biggest achievement?

A fire walk. I went down to meet with Tony Robbins who’s an American motivational speaker and I walked 15 feet across burning coals. That was quite a challenge. I stood on a 20 foot pole as well that was mounted 30 feet in the air. Business achievement would be staying in a fabulous career for this long. Just continuing on and not getting knocked down,

Who would you say puts in more effort movie stars or soap stars?

Hahaaa. I have to say the movie stars. Simply because we have a start and a finish. They have to be… Often I meet with the director and see what we need and then meet the talent and set up a time frame to achieve it. Sometimes it’s like 3 months before the start of a film. You have to get fit for the part by that time. With the soaps it’s an ongoing thing, it’s more lifestyle management, with the film stars it’s a time limit and there’s no choice. 

What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to gain an ideal summer body?

Well the number one key is discipline. The secret is discipline. I don’t mind if you get up and do an hour every morning or if you get up and do 10 minutes. I NEED you to get up and do it. You need to get up in order to achieve your goals. People say is there a special kind of work out you can do? Well there is a workout that’s worked for me which is intermittent fasting. It’s a controversial workout which has been on TV recently. Where you fast for a period of time, because it’s calories in and calories out. If you take in 3000 calories and let out 2000 calories so 1000 is stored as fat. If you don’t address that you’re never going to achieve your goals. It’s controversial but it works.

Jon is also BIDTV’s Training Expert so catch him over on BIDTV now!

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