Jada Pinket Smith shows off her toned cleavage!

Earlier in the day Mrs Will Smith donned a modest and fairly nice spotty dress as she attended a photocall for her latest film Madagascar 3 in Cannes.

But as evening fell, the actress shed her sweet look for something far more risqué, which frankly made her look quite terrifying.

Jada was popping out for dinner with her co-stars Jessica Chastain, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer and Ben Stiller who were all wearing normal outfits.
Why she felt the need to show up in an emerald green number with breasts, sorry we mean neckline to her waist, pointed shoulder pads and slicked back hair is anyone’s guess.

Perhaps she was auditioning to be an alien in the next Men In Black film? We’d have thought that if she just asked nicely, hubby Will would just give her a part and could have saved her the embarrassment but oh well, she’ll know for next time.


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