Jabra Sport Wireless

I am firm believer in the advantage of in-ear bud headphones and have stuck with them for years to give superior sound quality, the Jabra headset has challenged that. Once they were connected I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent sound quality they produced.
The Jabra comes with several different gel ear buds that can be switched out easily.

A bit of trial and error and I found the perfect fit for my ears and enjoyed the excellent sound quality blissfully ignorant of the screaming children on the morning commute.
The main downside comes in the mechanism of being wireless. Lots of tech is stored in the ear surround making it quite thick.
After listening for around 90 minutes, this started to become a bit uncomfortable, being used to sleek in ear buds only. A main advantage of the tight fit, however, is that once they’re in place, they’re not going anywhere – excellent for a run.
One feature that I loved about the Jabra headset was that once connected it feeds back to your phone its current battery level. The battery life could definitely be improved as even listening to music at a medium volume I got around 5 hours of playtime before needing a fresh charge.
However, once you have the very fiddly battery port open (I needed to used a paperclip to get it open) it charges very quickly indeed.
Having used many other Bluetooth devices in connection with my phone, car or whatever I wanted to create a score for how easy the headphones were to pair with my phone.
The headphones connect easily, and reconnect quickly once paired and you are ready to go within around 3 seconds.
These headphones have all the additional features that we come expect from headphones nowadays the only difference being that double pressing the playback button rather than skipping a track redials the last number called.
Not realising this, having to speak to my boss and explain why I had called him at 6am on a Sunday morning was an issue.
Perfect for a run with the wireless giving great freedom but if you’re looking for a pair you can use for long periods of time, probably not the best choice.

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