Interview with Una from The Saturdays

Street Cred got to chat with the wonderful and humble Una of The Saturdays about their world tour and having sold more than 5 Million albums.
Safely say that this is biggest female pop band since the Spice Girls and they are still hungry!!!!

What do you look forward to most about touring?
UNA: We love going on tour getting to see our fans and hear them sing our songs, that’s the most exciting part of being in the music business because you get to see your fans and you are able to share the love.
The tour is really exciting and we will be performing all of our greatest hits – look out for the album.

Was there ever any ego when you performed with Girls aloud?
UNA: Not at all at the time we were so honoured to be on the same show as them and it really helped boost our career. We all got on well and it was definitely one of the most memorable times in our career.

What is your personal favourite song and album?
UNA: Its really hard to say I have a favourite song because all of them have an emotion and represent a time in our life. We enjoy the songs as much as our fans but must say I love performing Higher.

How do you find being famous?
UNA: At times up to today I cant believe it but we are like a family we all started out together and this was our dream and because we are close we handle it all well and support each other.

For the full article and interview check out this weeks edition of Street Cred Magazine!

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