Interview with Miss Creative

Tell me about your business what is it all about and the main aim?

Little Miss Creative is a network for young creative women. We provide workshops and events to help inspire and shape freethinking female leaders. The aim is to build a supportive community of courageous young women from all disciplines that can showcase their talent, art and business with like-minded individuals.

How have you found being a woman looking to make it in Business? Have there been any barriers?

It can swing either way. There have been instances when I’m just a person in the business world but there have also been instances where I’m a woman in a male dominated business world. With the latter it is hard to prove yourself, your work and your worth but I always find a way to overcome it by believing in myself and remaining passionate about what I do. I always keep my eyes on the future.

I see you are into poetry and have been involved with many events catering for that genre. Is Poetry something you are really passionate about?

To me, writing is a release and I use writing to express and to explore whether that is through journaling, creative writing and creating press releases. I enjoy all aspects of writing but poetry has always helped to heal me through ups and downs. As I develop and evolve, I utilise other art forms such as painting, clothes making and graphic design as a means of positive escapism.

Who came up with the idea Little Miss Creative? Love the name and when did you start the company?

After several attempts I came up with the name whilst envisioning the business that I wanted to pursue, also I used to love the ‘Little Miss’ books when I was younger. The company was started in 2013 after, its been going from strength to strength ever since. I have an amazing creative and passionate team, we just moved into an office in Birmingham City Centre earlier this year.

You were able to network in America recently how was that for you??

 I see New York as my second home so it is always great to go back. This time around I focused on building connections to ensure that the launch of LMC NY runs smoothly this summer. I met up with some talented artists and have secured some exciting ventures… but you will have to wait and see what comes next!

What actually inspired you to be in the industry you are in?

I wanted to have the freedom to express myself and create what I wanted to without restrictions. Whilst working in New York as a freelance marketer I had a yearning to start my own business. After two years in the Big Apple  I came back to the UK and put my plans into action.

Why do you feel there is a need for Little Miss Creative?

There are not enough organisations that focus on the empowerment of women, especially within the creative industry. I want to give young women a voice through our inspiring events, giving them a safe space to turn their dreams into reality.  I want them to know that every dream they have can come true. Impossible doesn’t exist.


Out of all the projects you do which one has stood out the most and why have you enjoyed it so much?

I have been blessed to do many things in my life such as working on marketing campaigns in NY and working with renowned organisations including MTV, BBC and NHS but the thing that stands out the most is developing Little Miss Creative because it embodies everything I believe in. With the aims of helping women tap into their power to creating communities, inspiring others and doing events, I am able to utilise all of my talents and key strengths to shift the planet.


Where would you like to see LMC in ten years?

In ten years I see LMC as a global company that will have a presence on every continent. I have big plans for Little Miss Creative! 


Your company is proving to be a success and is making an impact on many people. Did you think things would be going this well and so fast?

I always believed in my company and what I could achieve through it. I knew that if I stuck to my plan, envisioned what I wanted and took consistent action then things would begin to fall into place. I am blessed to see how fast LMC has grown and I know this is only the beginning!


Who would you say supports your venture the most? Like do you get the love back from family and friends?

My main supportive force has always been my beautiful Mother who has been my biggest fan since I entered the planet. Also, my mentors provide me with business wisdom and keep me on track.


What would you like people to know most about Selina?

I believe my purpose is to shift the planet! I’m here to awaken and enlighten and this business is just one of the ways I put that desire into action. I love what I do, I love creativity and I love women and I want people to realise that about me.


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