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EXCLUSIVE COVER STORY - Katie Price Interview

Mark Dwayne caught up with the beautiful Katie Price to talk about the new perfume ‘Kissable’, her career, her family, and her dreams.


Mark Dwayne:  Hi Katie you are a role model to millions of young ladies why do you think they aspire to be like you?
Katie Price:  I don’t try to be a role model but people know I’ve come from nothing I’m self made and if I can do it anyone can.

MD:  You had a massive success with your book and TV shows how do you feel letting people in your life so much and I see you handle media attention very well unlike a lot of other celebs, or can it be hard coping with it all sometimes?
KP:  I’ve been in the industry a long time it’s like anything it has its good and bad moments.

MD: You’re a fantastic mother but do you find it hard to be a parent as well as focusing on your demanding career?
KP:  My children come first its all about being in control and balancing things right, I’m lucky I work from home a lot.

MD:  The new venture is the Kissable perfume and I think that’s a great idea. Can you tell me a bit about the fragrance and what it represents?
KP:  It’s a very me perfume. It’s fun, feminine and makes me feel confident when I wear it. I picked the smell I like so I can wear it all the time. It’s quite fruity with subtle scents of red grape, orange blossom, jasmine, honeysuckle and vanilla. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

MD:  I see you as a wicked business woman and for that you get maximum respect, what drives you to keep re inventing yourself?
KP:  Thank you it’s about being realistic, focusing and being patient. I’ve also never stopped believing and having new goals and dreams. I think it’s really important. Everything changes and evolves - fashion, music, the world.... and it’s really important to stay moving with it. It fills me with new ideas and that’s what keeps life interesting.

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