In Conversation with Jesse Royal

Ahead of his sell out shows at The O2 Arena’s Jamaica House in London and Boomtown Festival in Winchester, Punch Records teamed up with one of the most popular artists in the young conscious Reggae Revival movement ‘Jesse Royal’ .

As part of his whistlestop PR tour he came to Birmingham for an exclusive Q&A with a select group of fans – we caught up with Jesse to discuss his journey so far.
As an introduction to the people that might not have heard your music yet, in your own words who is Jesse Royal?
Strong minded, strong willed, lover of music and respecter of all people – I really just want to make an impact while I’m here.
How did you first get involved in music? And who has influenced your style?
My first introduction to music was through the church, my grandmother was a choir director at my local church, so I always used to go to choir practice.
This developed my love and respect for music, it developed a spiritual respect for the music.
It’s more than just entertainment, music has always been something that is more than just a song to me, it’s a vibration, it’s a frequency, it’s something that is being sent out there. That’s probably my heaviest influence.
Growing up in Jamaica there was so many talented legends, from Ziggy Marley to Super Cat, Yellowman to Sizzla to even Otis Reading and Bruno Mars.
We are really influenced by music, and whatever that is in its pure form we feel it.
But then we are Jamaicans so the Raggamuffin and the Rock Steady and the Rub-a-dub and Dancehall music is also always going to be one of our influences.

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