Home Again Premiere

After melting the hearts of millions, as Ashley Banks in the US hit comedy, ”The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Tatyana Ali has provoked emotions of a different kind in her role in the new film, ‘Home Again.’

Set in Jamaica, and filmed in Trinidad, she takes on the role of a mother who is raised in Canada but, as with two other central characters, faces deportation back to Jamaica and is forced to leave her two children behind.

This is a marked change from the character we all grew to love as in ‘Home Again’ Ali plays Marva, a mother who finds herself in a country she knows nothing about and is forced to make a new life for herself as she struggles to get her children from Canada to be with her.

Enthusing about her new role, she said: “Although I haven’t come across any experiences that Marva did, in my own life, to feel alien in a particular place where you are not rooted wasn’t totally strange to me.”

The American actress, born to a Trinidadian father and Panamanian mother, is hugely grateful for the cultural heritage of her parents, seen as an integral part of her own identity, when she said:

“Both of my parents were immigrants. People use the term African-American a lot. It’s a phrase people might use to identify me. That’s almost like a cultural term because I feel like my heritage is more African-Caribbean.”

‘Home Again’ was made by Canadian filmmakers, husband and wife team, David ‘Sudz’ Sutherland and Jennifer Holness. It examines Jamaican deportation with the aim of giving the contentious issue a human face.

With the to-be-deported characters forced to examine who they truly are as with Ali’s own life, heritage plays a major role in the film, which thrilled co-star, CCH Pounder.

Read the full article and see the whole feature in the November edition of Street Cred Magazine.


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