Global Gathering Review

Established as the UK’s most cutting edge and forward thinking electronic music festival, the multi award winning GlobalGathering festival played host to the biggest and best live artists and DJs.

Spanning the genre with a lineup that read like a who’s-who of stadium stars, up and coming UK talent, world-beaters and industry insiders tips, alongside some of the most exciting promoters around.


GlobalGathering combined awe-inspiring music with a super honed and slick production operation, bringing experience and innovations from the international festival circuit to the UK, for a truly unique festival experience. 

Running around like it was Christmas morning in my friends room, babbling about Global Gathering was where it all started. As my first time attending the festival where 50,000 people would be gathering onto Long Marston Airfield in Stratford-Upon-Avon with the aim to have the most amazing time of their collective lives, excited was an understatement.

A mixture of music from drum and bass to trance music to house had the crowd bursting with excitement. For GlobalGathering virgins like myself, it proved a mind-blowing experience.

Bursting with excitement, from pitching our tents in the VIP camping area with Perfect Pitches thanks to Alan, to getting our wristbands and actually getting into the festival and VIP areas, the whole experience was amazing! 

The Paradise tent saw the Martinez brothers playing their set, which was great but the issue was that you could still hear Birmingham-born DJ Hannah Wants, one of the most talked-about female DJs in Britain and a particular highlight, in the UKF tent. 

For the first time ever 10:31 and FACE had their own designated area after the huge success in Digbeth’s Rainbow Complex.

The only down fall was The Bunker which my personal favourite DJs: Tom Shorterz, Jamie Trench and Cause & Affect played. The heat in there was unbearable!

If there’s one gripe, then it is that you couldn’t see, or hear everybody. You had to prioritise and accept the fact that you were going to miss some acts. 

I was fully satisfied on stumbling on to Duke Dumont who had everyone dancing for a good ninety minutes while people were trying to find the little shade there was, to prevent them from joining others who had either passed out in the field or would fall ill on their way to the next act.

Summing up GlobalGathering: We Came, We Saw and We Raved! Would I go back? I probably would.

Words : Talisa Barnett

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