Funky House singer Eygpt speaks on how men should take care of their women and more

How did you get the name Eygpt?
The name Egypt came from how I look, everybody always said I looked Egyptian so I went with it.
What advice do you give to single women who dont have a man around to take care of them? Should a man take care of his woman? Or is it better to be independent and rely on self?
I’m a traditional woman I believe men should take care of their woman as it’s the natural order, I don’t believe we are designed to be on our own. We are nurturing human beings who need love & support.
I would say take care of yourself and build yourself up emotionally so that you can be that great woman when you do find someone.
Whats your thoughts on women who say they dont need a man and are comfortable having children without having a daddy I mean whats your take on that kind of lifestyle?
Everyone has the right to live as they please but I feel both parents a man & a woman should be a family in order to raise a healthy well balanced child.
How do you keep so healthy eating wise and how do you have such glow on your skin?
Eating healthy is definitely a working progress for me I have to be mindful about what goes into my body as its my temple. I also realised that if I eat badly it shows on my face as my skin will get blemishes etc.
I do have a great skin care regime I use Origins 10 min mask & Never a dull moment scrub /Skin Ceuticals Serum 10/ Olay double action moisturising cream sensitive.
What advice do you give to women who want to do business it seems to be the in thing right now? Sisters doing it for themselves?
The advice I would give about business is that if you have a natural ability to be able to create something thats sustainable and give you an income then go for it but if it’s your first project I would definitely say keep your day job until you build up your business as bills need to be paid! There will come a point where you have to make a decision and obviously have faith and believe in yourself that you will be successful.
Where do you like to shop in London?
I do love shopping at Westfields & a few boutiques in London.
Where do you like to party in London and what would you recommend as the original hot spot?
I feel like partying now a days has definitely changed, there are secret spots that pop up every now & then but things change so quickly. Pioneer Plays is a good event to follow as it moves around. Catch a groove is a good 1 & Cherry Jam is back now!
There was a big uproar about black women being turned away from a London club what did you think about that whole incident? Have you ever been disrespected at a nightclub?

I do remember that incident that took place it was very disrespectful but it made me realise that it’s been happening to black men forever and I literally felt so sorry for them it became so real. One thing I will say is that any establishment that wants a certain class/race of people to come into their venue its up to them who they choose to allow to party there; I’m not saying it’s right but it happens. Yes I have been disrespected on 1 occasion & I said I would never go to that venue again or any like it!

Who are your favourite DJs and what radio stations do you listen too when given the chance?
Dj Pioneer b2b Supa D,
Manny Norte,
Steve Running man,
I listen to @Pulse88radio as it has the freshest music on there & of course my weekly show #WeAreTheChartsShow on Thursday’s 7pm-9pm!
You had a massive hit with in the Morning and I hear you have new banging songs to come how exciting is this for you and what sound can we expect
It’s definitely a very exciting time for me i’m super blessed with what I have achieved and what is to come. You can expect soulful house a bit of garage & funky house and more!
Anybody you would like to work with who you havent yet?
I would like to work with Chip, Drake, Popcaan  and Busy Signal.
Whats your thoughts on Craig Davids comeback?
I’m a massive supporter of Craig David so glad he’s back and really enjoying his music.
Could we still see a return of funky house music? What do you think the in sound is now?
We will definitely see more funky house music being released 100% it’s a creative and exciting sound it’s forever evolving.
UK grime is at the forefront of music right now globally.
How bad is your shoe fetish? Lol
My shoe fetish is definitely bad I do love shoes I’ve lost count.
Do men deserve a second chance? Lol
I believe everybody deserves a second chance it just depends on what the person has done and its totally up to you.
Whats your thoughts on the whole Beyonce Lemonade thing? Do you think Jay really cheated on her with Rita Ora?
For some reason I don’t believe Jay-Z cheated although he was such a womaniser before he got married I feel like it was a publicity stunt to be fair I hope so for her sake lol.