Work experience placements and internships are a growing stepping-stone to employment for young people and graduates who are taking their first steps towards their dream career. Of course, with the lack of jobs for young people and youth unemployment on the rise: should young people decide between an unpaid internship or earning much needed cash?


It is the norm for internships in the arts and media sectors to be unpaid because of the demands of the jobs. When debating the decision, there are a number of points that should be considered: Ensuring the placement is valuable and can build viable experience.
      It is important that the  placement is going to give a valuable insight into the industry, as many companies now offer the exciting opportunity of experiencing first hand “ on the job” training, which gives young people the foundations to build a strong wealth of experience into their desired sector. Highlighting to the employer the skills learnt within a placement could contribute to future paid work .
      Additionally, apprenticeships in hair and beauty, plumbing and electricians are also experiential courses offering this type of training as a means to build up practical skills and confidence performing within the chosen sector. After building up a network base, the connections within that field tends to mean individuals are likely to score future opportunities because they have proved yourself to some degree.
      University fees can be daunting and compared with free internships, many young people today are choosing to spend  time gaining these worthwhile experiences.
      With the future of higher education foggy, we may be seeing a greater number of young people enrol in internships and apprenticeships as they appear to be the safer option.

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